A Black Gay Music Critic’s Election Day Playlist

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Selma, Alabama, 1965

Well, the moment has come, the one that will start the process of revealing whether we are on are way out of the nightmare of the past four years or if we will have to further draw upon the strength of our ancestors to navigate another challenging period. I’m not sure what will happen. But there are a few things I do know and believe in: the power of the word and the power of music. That’s why I’ll be playing these songs during this time of waiting. Consider it pre-gaming for a new day.

  1. Ray Charles — “Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin’ (Live on Sesame Street)”

“I’ve got a beautiful feeling/Everything’s going my way”

2) Sterling Void — “It’s Alright”

“I know it’s gonna be alright…”

3) Kathy Sledge — “Heart (Revival Mix)”

“We’re living on the edge…No, we can’t go on this way forever”

4) Soul II Soul — “Keep On’ Movin’ (Booker T’s Club Classic)”

“Don’t stop, no!”

5) Red Follies — “We Will Survive (Survival Mix)”

“We must believe…”

6) The Style Council — “Promised Land (Juan Atkins Remix)”

“When the angels from above/Fall down and spread their wings like doves…”

7) The James Tayor Quartet — “Hope and Pray”

“The power of God is in thyself/You may say I’m wrong/But I’m confident”

8) Kenny Bobien — “Rise Above The Storm”

“There’s so much more to your life/So keep your head up high”

9) Sounds of Blackness — “Optimistic”

“If things around you crumble/No, you don’t have to stumble and fall/Keep pushing on and don’t you look back”

10) Caron Wheeler — “Livin’ In The Light (The Original Story”

“Beautiful yet scattered/Through it all your spirit never shattered”

11) Janet Jackson — “State of The World (Make A Change Dub)”

You can make a change”

12) Mary J. Blige — “Keep Your Head”

“I sometimes get worried/And I wonder why I worry/’Cause I know that I will make it through the storm”

13) Faith Evans — “Keep The Faith”

“I feel the cold winds blowing/Trying to conquer my soul”

14) Luther Vandross — “Little Miracles (Happen Every Day)”

“Maybe today/Anything can change/Nothing stays the same…”

15) Nuyorican Soul w/ Jocelyn Brown — “It’s Alight (I Feel It)”

“The power of the groove/Will always see you through…”

Wishing you peace and safety. Love, Craig

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